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    1. Scales: Please perform as many major/minor scales as you can in 2 minutes from memory.  Students will receive a maximum of 3 points per octave that is performed correctly (1-point ascending, 1-point descending, and 1-point for the arpeggio.) Mistakes may be corrected but you only have 2 minutes to complete your scales. If time runs out in the middle of a scale, you may finish that scale for full credit but will be finished at the end of that scale.
      Keep in mind: your scale score is not limited by anything except time. You can really earn a lot of points in this category if you practice diligently. It is rare, but not impossible for students to perform 12 major and 12 minor scales, 2 octaves in a 2-minute period.  Are you up for the challenge? *All scales performed must be memorized to receive any credit.
    2. Chromatic Scale: (10 points) Please perform your Concert Bb Chromatic Scale, ascending and descending. (This is what we played almost every day for concert band warmup.)
    3. Prepared Music: (60 points)
      1. Please prepare the musical etude below (see maximum points allowed). Points will be based on precision (correct notes & rhythms), tone quality, attention to details, and musicality.

    QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please see Mr. Pask.  You can also send a message through Remind or email

    You can find a copy of your instrument's major scales here.  Use these to help you prepare for chair placements.

    Percussion - You will need to choose 2 rudiments from the 40 Essential Rudiments.  If you follow this link to Vic Firth's website you will find all the help you need to master at least 2 rudiments.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

    Here is a pdf version of the rudiments which may also help you.



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  • City Auditorium

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  • Week at a Glance

    Monday – Winterguard 3:30-8:30pm

    Tuesday – Middle School Concert @ City Auditorium

    Thursday – High School Concert @ City Auditorium, 6:30pm

    Friday – Christmas Parade @ 6pm.


    Thursday Info –

    Report at 5:30pm to finish setup and warmup

    Concert begins at 6:30pm

    Everyone needs to help with teardown, we have a lot of deserters!

    Concert Dress – Formal (dressed up).  Please no tacky Christmas!


    Friday Parade Info (treat it as an away game)

    All after school for rehearsal/preparation
    We are wearing uniforms with red Santa hats.  Visual Ensemble will wear warmups.  Students may decorate their instruments if they prefer.  Nothing that will damage the instrument or uniform and nothing that interferes with the playing of the instrument.  4:30pm – Load buses to head for drop off.

    6:00pm – Parade starts

    7:30pm – Return to Band Hall for Christmas Shindig

    *The band Christmas party is immediately following the parade.  Students are encouraged to bring a “dish to pass” or finger foods/drinks.  Students are not required to stay.

    9:00pm – All students have been picked up


    ***Uniforms will be turned in and inspected following the parade.  Any damages or lost parts will be addressed the following week.

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  • Friday - HS Band will play for Wills Valley Veterans Program.  Starts at 8:30am.

    Friday - Playoff Game
    Home vs Gardendale
    Pep Rally - 1:00pm
    Report to Band Hall - 5:15pm
    Game Starts - 7:00pm


    Monday November 12th

    Veterans Parade
    Report time - 2:00pm
    Line up - 3:00pm
    Parade starts - 4:00pm
    Dismissal - 5:15pm

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  • Well we had another terrific season of competitions.  Fort Payne Wildcat Marching Band had one of their best contest seasons yet this year.  They came away from each contest with Superior ratings for every caption (which hasn't happened in awhile).  They also earned several best in class honors!  We are always excited to add to our impressive trophy collection, but we are more excited to walk away from this competitive season knowing that we have pushed the FP Band to new heights and set the bar higher for next year.  

    As band director, I am extremely proud of all the accomplishments especially the ones that happened off the field this year.  I'm sad to see this season end but also excited to get started on the next!  I hope to see you all at our upcoming concerts and contests.

    2018 Trophies

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  • Click the link to sign up for a time/date.  Even if you can only do part of the time, please help your child's band program out!



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FPHS Band 2018
  • Fort Payne High School Band Mission and Philosophy

    The goal of the Fort Payne High School Band Program is to encourage students to become quality young men and women using music.  Our program serves as a public representation of Fort Payne High School, the city of Fort Payne, DeKalb County, the State of Alabama, and the United States.  Your responsibility is to continue and build on the traditions and excellence of Fort Payne High School.  Our staff is committed to providing a safe, functional, positive, and educational atmosphere.  Our staff is also dedicated to providing an environment that promotes development and growth as a musician and also with character.  It is with these ideas we plan and execute our ideas on our pathway to success.

    Attitude of Respect

    Many people will express how important having a positive attitude and having respect for each other is.  We agree with these ideas, but also think of respect as a type of attitude.  Being respectful on a daily basis should never be an option, but rather a habit.  We promote an atmosphere of respect that will be ever-present, not just an option set down by the director.  Our aim is for students to learn these important parts of character at an early age, so that they will be fully prepared for their adult life.

    Band Organization

    As many students and their parents are aware, there are many activities that vie for a student's attention throughout their school career.  We are aware that conflicts between activities will be present, however we ask that the director is notified as soon as a conflict is apparent.  The director will work directly with the sponsor, coach, and FPHS administration to avoid future conflicts. 

    Dedication to the band program is necessary.  For this reason, any student who decided to quit band at any time during their career will not be allowed back into the marching band.  It is a large responsibility to be a part of this team and quitting jeopardizes the success of the marching band.  Below you will find a list of organizations and their requirements for membership.

    Fort Payne High School Marching Band

    The Marching Band is one of the premier ensembles of the band program.  It is most certainly the most popular and publicly known ensemble.  The band performs at all football games and participates in several contests a year.  Members know that they are giving up many Friday nights and several Saturdays.  Membership is limited to grades 8 and above.  Members do not have to have previous band experience to participate, but must be interested in learning an instrument.  Members of the Marching Band are required to participate in a Spring concert ensemble.  

    Concert Band

    The Concert Band is the performing ensemble for FPHS.  The Concert Band participates in State Assessment (MPA) as well as performs in multiple concerts throughout the year.  Students are assigned parts based on auditions.  Students that play an instrument but do not participate in Concert Band cannot participate in Marching Band the following semester.

    Visual Ensemble

    The Fort Payne Visual Ensemble is a vital part of the Marching Band.  The visual ensemble provides the visual accompaniment for the Marching Band.  They utilize dance, flags, rifles, and other props to enhance the performance.  Students do not have to be instrumentalists to participate.  Any student in grades 9-12 is encouraged to participate.  Auditions are held every spring.


    The Fort Payne High School Winterguard is a group that performs in the off-season.  As the name suggests they perform and compete in the winter months.  It is audition based and acceptance is not guaranteed by previous performance.  The fees for Winterguard fluctuate each year but know that they are separate to the Marching Band fees.  The Winterguard is open to any student that is in grade 7 or higher.  Membership in Visual Ensemble is not required, nor does Winterguard membership guarantee a Visual Ensemble spot.

     Pep band

    The pep band is a volunteer group.  This ensemble’s performances are mostly home basketball games as well as other events.  There are no fees directly related to participation in this ensemble except the purchase of a t-shirt for uniforms.