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    Our Goal

    The School Health department strives to develop and maintain a model program of health maintenance and health education for the purpose of maximizing the learning potential of all FPCS students.

    Our Nurses: 

    A registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) is employed as a school nurse by the board of education to coordinate health services for students in grades kindergarten through twelve.

    Individual school health care plans are developed and maintained for all students with health needs. Also, school nurses perform health screenings including vision, hearing and scoliosis. Health screenings are done routinely as required by State regulations. These will also be provided for any student on an individual basis as requested by a parent or teacher.

    The school nurse serves as a liaison between the school and community to provide agency referrals, health education and medical information.

    The FPCS Board of Education employs a nurse at each school campus during school hours.