• Welcome to the English Department Home Page!

    The following English courses are offered at FPHS:

    English 9 or Honors/Pre-AP English 9

    English 10 or Honors/Pre-AP English 10

    English 11 or AP Language and Composition English 11

    English 12

    Dual Enrollment Composition I-II (English 101-102 via Northeast Alabama Community College)


    DEPARTMENT POLICIES: All English courses adhere to these grading and assignment policies.


    STANDARDS: The Alabama Course of Study for English Language Arts are the standards followed in these courses.


    TEXTBOOKS:  McGraw Hill

    Pathway for English Classes

    Students are required to take an English course every year.  Admission to an Honors/Pre-AP or AP class requires submitting a signed contract and Summer Reading assignment the teacher of the course.  Admission requirements to Dual Enrollment courses can be found on the Northeast Alabama Community College website.