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    It shall be the policy of the Fort Payne City School System to comply with state requirements pertaining to online (virtual) classes and provide an online education option to those 9th – 12th grade students who are eligible and seeking this nontraditional form of education. These eligible students will have the option of earning a high school diploma through an online pathway as courses are offered through Fort Payne Virtual School (FPVS).

    Legislation Link: https://web.alsde.edu/legislativebills/2015Regular/SB0072_ENACTED.pdf    



    It is the mission of Fort Payne Virtual School to provide a safe, online learning environment for students to succeed in their studies as they develop college and career-ready skills and develop into 21st century citizens while being afforded flexible scheduling and personalized curricular choices.



    The vision and purpose for our students enrolled in FPVS is to develop college and career- readiness skills, provide a high-level of educational flexibility through an online, self-paced, individualized and engaging environment with the ultimate goal of high school graduation.  All of this will be accomplished through instruction from certified instructors using various technology tools managed within a Learning Management System (LMS).



    FPVS online classes will be delivered by certified teachers through a learning management system, and all course curricula will be aligned to the Alabama Courses of Study.  In addition, eligible virtual school students have three types of online options within Fort Payne Virtual School:

    1) the “local” option which includes FPHS classes taught by FPCS teachers,

    2) a dual enrollment online option,and/or

    3) the state’s online ACCESS distance learning program option. 


    Eligibility Requirements and Continued Participation

    Students enrolling for online classes will be considered eligible if they have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater.  Those enrolling in the “local” online classes will be required to also sign a Fort Payne Virtual School Contract Agreement in addition to the GPA of 3.0 or greater. 

    The continued participation in the online environment will require students maintain acceptable progress in their virtual coursework. Students who fail to “log on” for seven (7) consecutive days, or who do not successfully complete major assignments may meet face to face with administration/counselors to discuss their progress and their plan for success, along with the possible options of traditional class settings.


    Requirements for Monitoring Performance and Testing Protocols

    Monitoring student progress will be the responsibility of the online class instructor through the learning management system and reported to the virtual school administration/counselor.  Indicators monitored within the “local” class option include student activity within the LMS, the student’s weekly class progress, participation in class activities, and maintaining a passing grade. Students who are not exhibiting progress may be advised to attend counseling opportunities to address their plan for success.

    Students in FPVS will be required to physically attend any state mandated testing and any required school testing on the assigned test dates.  These tests include the ACT, Aspire, and Work Keys.  All “local” option online classes will have the midterm and final testing proctored on campus.