Overview/ Purpose

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    Virtual Learning/eDay

    Fort Payne City Schools

    Fort Payne City Schools strives to prepare teachers and students for online learning. With our district being 1:1 with student devices, learning management systems, and many online resources, our teachers are using online virtual learning on a regular basis. It is our goal to ensure student success and prepardness for the future. Please see the menu to the left to learn even more about our purpose and goals with virtual learning. 


    What is an eDay? 


    An eDay is a day in which students receive their classroom instruction electronically. These days require students to work at home and will not require physical attendance in school buildings. eDay instruction is linked to grade level standards, is real-time learning and linked to in-class learning. It should reflect a normal school day and is a valuable day of instruction. eDays provide our students with the following benefits: 

    • Practice with online learning and developing effective and creative ways to promote instruction beyond the classroom walls.
    • Preparation and practice in the event an eDay is called due to emergency circumstance.