• 9th Grade

    • My Digital Life Is Like...

    What is the role of digital media in our lives?

    • The Big Data Dilemma

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of online tracking?

    • Protecting Online Relationships

    How can you respect the privacy of others online?

    • Chatting and Red Flags

    How can you tell when an online relationship is risky?

    • What you Send in "That Moment When..."

    How can we act with empathy and positivity when we're online?

    • Hoaxes and Fakes

    How can you avoid being fooled by fake videas and other information online?

  • 10th Grade

    • Social Media and How You Feel

    How does your social media use affect how you feel?

    • Risk Check for New Tech

    What privacy risks do new technologies present, and how do we decide if they're worth it?

    • Curated Lives

    How can I create a social media presence that respresents the real me?

    • Rewarding Relationships

    How can I make sure my relationships are healthy and positive?

    • Countering Hate Speech Online

    How can we counter online hate speech and xenophobia?

    • Challenging Confirmation Bias

    How can we challenge our own confirmation bias?

  • 11th Grade

    • Can Media Be Addictive?

    Are we addicted to our devices, and, if so, are companies to blame?

    • How Young Is Too Young for Social Media?

    At what age should people be allowed to use social media?

    • Who's Looking at Your Digital Footprint?

    How can information you post online affect your future opportunities?

    • Connecting with Digital Audiences

    How can we use code-switches to enhance our communication with online audiences?

    • Online Disinhibition and Cyberbullying

    How does online disinhibition sometimes lead to cyberbullying?

    • Clicks for Cash

    How does internet advertising contribute to the spread of disinformation?

  • 12th Grade

    • The Health Effects of Screen Time

    Can screen time be bad for us?

    • Debating the Privacy Line

    Should the government have access to all your social media and cell phone data?

    • The Change You Want to See

    How can you create a digital footprint that showcases your purpose?

    • We Are Civil Communicators

    How can we communicate with civility online?

    • The Consequences of Online Hate Speech

    What should the consequences for online hate speech be?

    • Filter Bubble Trouble

    How can filter bubbles limit the information we're exposed to?