Geometry Courses

  • GEOMETRY (210010) – two semesters

    Prerequisite:  Algebra I

    Strongly Recommended:  Students have a graphing calculator for this course

    This course builds on Algebra I concepts and increases students’ knowledge of shapes and their properties through geometry-based application, many of which are observable in aspects of everyday life.  1 CREDIT

    HONORS GEOMETRY (210011) – two semesters

    Prerequisite:  Completion of Algebra I in the 8th grade (grade of 80 or higher recommended).

    Strongly Recommended:   Students  have a graphing calculator for this course

    This course contains all the content of the Geometry course but at a faster pace. It includes more extensive use of deductive reasoning, advanced problem solving, and more topics related to solids. Enrichment activities, use of Geometer’s Sketchpad, and some supplementary reading provide students with stimulating and interesting hands-on opportunities as well as insights into real world applications. 1 CREDIT