• Welcome to Little Ridge Intermediate School!

  • Little Ridge Intermediate School is a 3rd through 5th-grade school. It is located in Fort Payne, Alabama. Fort Payne is located in DeKalb County, which is a rural community with around 13,500 residents. The demographic makeup of the community is as follows: White 80.8%, Hispanic 12.2%, Black 5.8%, and other 1.2%.

    One of the most popular features of the area is the surroundings of the mountains and parks. Because of the different possibilities, families may engage in many different types of outdoor activities, from cycling, running, canoeing, and skiing are just a few examples. Some of the local areas of attraction and interest are Little River Canyon National Preserve, Cloudland Canyon State Park, Lookout Mountain Wild Animal Park, and DeSoto State Park. Another unique feature is its close proximity to the interstate. People are capable of traveling to various larger cities within one and a half hour such as Chattanooga, Tennessee; Rome, Georgia; Huntsville, Alabama; and Birmingham, Alabama.

    Little Ridge Intermediate School currently serves 711 third through fifth-grade students. The ethnic breakdown of the student population shows that approximately 54.4 percent of the students are Caucasian, 37.8 percent are Hispanic, 3.6 percent are Black and 4 percent fall into the other race category. LRIS serves about 65.37 percent of students a free/reduced meal and approximately 50 percent of our students are transported to and/or from school by the Fort Payne City school buses. The faculty at LRIS is 100% highly qualified. There are 58 employees and of those employees, 16 are non-certified and 42 are certified. LRIS has 50 female employees and 8 male employees. The certified employees are assigned as follows: 14 third-grade teachers, 9 fourth-grade teachers, 2 fifth-grade, 2 ELL teachers, 1 Title 1 Reading Teacher, 1 ARI Reading Coach, 3 Physical Education teachers, 1 Counselor, 1 Librarian, 1 Art teacher, 2 Special Education Teachers, 1 half-time Math Intervention teacher, 1 Gifted Teacher, 1 Principal and 1 half-time Assistant Principal. The support personnel assignments are 2 Custodians, 1 Lunchroom Manager, 5 Lunchroom Workers, 1 Library Aide, 1 Receptionist/Bookkeeper, 1 Office Aide, 1 School Nurse, 1 School Resource Officer, 5 Aides,  and 1 Title 1 Parent Involvement Coordinator.