WAES students learn how to code!

  • Third and fourth-graders are building code for a program. Through the Code.org curriculum, students use the blockly language, which is a drag and drop system, to write the programs for an Angry Bird maze.

    Students coding

Coding Curriculum

  • Lessons Throughout the Year: Code.org

    3rd Grade Curriculum: (Course D)

    August- Lesson 2  “Introduction to Online Puzzles”

    September- Lesson 3 “Events in Bounce”

    October- Lesson 4 “Nested Loops”

    November- Lesson 5 “Nested Loops in Artist”

    December- Lesson 8 “Debugging in Collector”

    January- Lesson 9 “While Loops in Farmer”

    February- Lesson 11 “Conditionals in Bee”

    March- Lesson 12 “Conditionals & Loops in Maze”

    April- Lesson 13 “Conditionals & Loops in Harvester”

    May- Lesson 17 “Binary in Artist”

    4th Grade Curriculum: (Course E)

    August- Lesson 2 “Sequence in Maze”

    September- Lesson 4 “Debugging with Scrat”

    October- Lesson 5 “Programming in Artist”

    November- Lesson 7 “Loops in Artist”

    December- Lesson 8 “Nested Loops” 

    January- Lesson 9 “Nested Loops with Frozen”

    February- Lesson 12 “Conditionals in Farmer”

    March- Lesson 17 “Functions in Bee”

    April- Lesson 18 “Functions in Farmer”

    May- Lesson 19 “Determine the Concept”