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    Williams Avenue Elementary School
    1700 Williams Avenue NE
    Fort Payne, AL 35967
    Telephone: (256) 845-0626
    Facsimile: (256) 845-0147

    Mrs. Jennifer List
    Assistant Principal
    Mr. Jeff Boatwright
    Mrs. Teresa Barksdale
    Mrs. Jeri Weatherly

  • Arrival and Dismissal Information

    Arrival and Dismissal


    Students should arrive to school no earlier than 7:10 A.M. Cars may unload at the Williams Avenue and 18th Street entrances only.  If you unload at the 18th Street Entrance, please pull in from the west or VFW side so that the passenger side of your car is parallel with the school.  Always make sure that your child exits the car on the passenger side (the side closest to the school).  Jaycee Avenue (the street behind the school) will be used for bus traffic only and will be closed to car traffic from 7:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M.  Third grade students will report directly to the gym upon arrival and remain inside until duty teacher dismisses all students to class. Fourth grade students will report to the fourth grade hallway and sit outside of their classroom until the duty teacher signals them to stand and enter their room.  All students should remain quiet and have something to work on during this time.  The first bell rings at 7:40, and the tardy bell rings at 7:45. Classes begin at 7:45 A.M. 


    Class instruction begins promptly at 7:45 A.M.  Students who are tardy will miss valuable instructional time. Tardies will be excused when a student presents a doctor’s excuse, legal excuse, or has permission from the principal.  Each time a student receives three unexcused tardies for school in one nine weeks, he/she will receive one unexcused absence. Tardy students must sign in at the office prior to going to class. 

    Checking Out

    The school day ends at 3:00 P.M.  A student who checks out will be excused if he/she presents a doctor’s excuse, legal excuse, or has permission from the principal.  Each time a student receives three unexcused checkouts in one nine weeks, he/she will receive one unexcused absence.  All students must be checked out through the office.  THERE WILL BE NO CHECKOUTS AFTER 2:30. Anyone checking a student out must present identification and be listed on the student’s information card.


    School is dismissed at 3:00 P.M. each day.  Bus riders report to the gym to be called to their buses, and car riders report to the sidewalk area on the Jaycee Avenue side of the school.  Cars may load on Jaycee Avenue (the street behind the school). Parent may not park in the parking lot across from the VFW or at the north end of the building and walk up to pick up their child. Buses will load on the Williams Avenue side of the school, so Williams Avenue will be closed from 3:00 until 3:30. Parents may not park at the north end of the building for student pick-up for any reason. 

    Temporary Closing and Early Dismissal of School

    The superintendent of schools has the authority to temporarily close schools or dismiss early in the event of severe weather or other conditions which threaten the safety and well-being of students.  When a decision is made to close schools, an announcement will be made on local radio stations and television as early as possible.  In the event that school closes early, parents should have an alternative plan. The superintendent will send out a message using the school notification system. This system will be used to inform parents and/or guardians of important information via a home, work, or cell phone. An early dismissal plan will be sent home at the beginning of the year for you to fill out and send back. 

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Snacks


    Breakfast will be served each day from 7:10 – 7:45 in the cafeteria. We encourage each student to eat breakfast to insure their best daily performance.

    The CNP staff serves a well-balanced and nourishing lunch each day. Each student will have a lunchroom account which enables him/her to deposit money for future meals. Lunch may be paid for on a daily basis or in advance by the week, month or year.  No commercially prepared foods, glass containers, or carbonated drinks are allowed in our cafeteria.  Menus will be posted on the school website, in the school and sent home with students.
    Snack time varies according to the classroom schedule. Children should bring a nutritious snack or buy one from the school. Snacks and drinks may be purchased each morning at school. 

  • Parent/Teacher Communication and Visitation

    Parent/Teacher Communication

    Parent/Teacher Communication
    Communication is an essential part of the educational program. Please feel free to set up a parent/teacher conference with your child’s teacher during his/her planning time. 

    Parents/guardians are welcome at Williams Avenue School for lunch and certain scheduled activities. Parents will not be allowed to go to the classroom unless an appointment has been made for a parent/teacher conference or the teacher has informed the office that a parent will be helping with a special event or party.  Parents should always go by the office and sign in to receive a visitor’s pass. The pass should be worn in a conspicuous place.  A picture I.D. will be checked before the pass is given. In addition, any person wishing to visit for lunch or a party must be listed on the emergency card.

  • Supplies/Insurance/Books/Lost and Found

    Supplies/Insurance/Books/Lost and Found

    Money Sent to School
    The school cannot be responsible for money brought to school by students. Students are encouraged to bring only the amount of money needed for that day.  Money should not be left in a student’s desk during the day or overnight.  Personal possessions are the responsibility of the student and should be kept by the student. Toys, dolls, games, radios, and trade items should not be brought to school.

    School Insurance
    We have information about insurance for students. Students have the following options: school-time coverage or round-the-clock coverage. Please contact the office if you are interested.

    School Supplies
    Parents are expected to provide tennis shoes for daily PE and pay a $20.00 activity fee. All other school supplies will be provided by the school.

    Textbooks/Library Books
    Students are responsible for all textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year. Students will be charged for any lost or damaged textbooks. 

    Lost and Found
    Lost and found items are turned into the school office. Students should check for their missing items through the office. Parents are encouraged to write their child’s name in the items that they bring to school.

  • Messages to Students, Transportation Changes, and School Telephone

    Messages to Students, Transportation Changes, and School Telephone

    We will take messages for students when these messages are deemed an emergency or essential.  ALL transportation changes must be made in writing before 2:30 pm. ONLY in cases of emergency, as approved by administration, will transportation changes be taken over the phone. Classrooms will not be interrupted for routine phone calls to students.  Students will not be allowed to use the phone except in special cases, as determined by the principal or his designee. 

  • Weather/Emergency Drills

    Weather/Emergency Drills

    Tornado, Fire and Intruder Drills
    Tornado, Fire and Intruder drills are held regularly to develop safety practices that will help students move quickly and orderly during an emergency.  The procedure for tornado drills and fire drills will be posted in each classroom.  Teachers will review these procedures with the students during the course of the year.   

  • Library/P.E./Sick-Injured Students

    Library/P.E./Sick-Injured Students

    Weekly classes are scheduled in the library for all grades. Students may check out one book weekly and it may be renewed for any additional week if the student brings the book in on the date due. Students who have an overdue book may not check out another book until the overdue book has been returned. While no fines are charged for overdue books, parents are asked to help us encourage your children to return their books on time.
    Physical Education
    All students are scheduled for forty minutes of physical education daily and are expected to participate. In order to be temporarily excused from activities, a student must bring a note signed by the parent. A note signed by a doctor should be presented in order to be excused for an extended amount of time. In addition, students should wear appropriate clothing to P.E. All students should wear athletic-type shoes to P.E.  

    Sick/Injured Students
    If your child becomes ill or injured at school, we will contact you immediately. If we cannot reach you, we will use the emergency contact information that you have provided. 

  • Student Progress/Promotions/Make-Up Work

    Student Progress/Promotions/Make-Up Work

    Reporting Student Progress
    Mid-term reports are given to students to take home every four and a half weeks. Report cards are sent home every nine weeks. Parents/guardians may use I-NOW Home as a means of monitoring student progress in the areas of academics, discipline, and attendance. For more information you may contact the school office.

    Elementary grades one through six – Students having two or more semester F’s at the end of the year in the academic subjects of reading and/or math may not be promoted. 

    Make-up Work
    Work may be made up only when an absence has been excused. Parents may pick up assignments at the school office.  Requests for make-up work should be made in advance so as to give the teacher ample time to prepare the lessons and not interrupt classroom instruction.  Teachers will provide students who have been absent for excused reasons, an opportunity to make up missed assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to request make up work within three (3) days following the determination by the principal that the absence was excused. The work must be completed within five (5) school days after returning to school.

  • Title I Program/Discipline

    Title I Program/Discipline

    Title I Program

    Williams Avenue is a Title I School. The Title I Program provides supplemental services and funding to improve educational services for all of our students.

    Authority of School Officials

    Alabama statutes delegate specific authority and responsibility to school officials concerning the control and discipline of students. A school principal or his/her designee has the authority, by law, to administer corporal punishment to students. School principals also have the authority to suspend students from school and/or from riding the school bus, and to recommend for expulsion those students who seriously disrupt the school environment.

    Students of the Fort Payne City School System are subject to the Code of Student Conduct during the time that they are being transported to or from school or a school sponsored activity, during the time that they are attending school, and during the time that they are on school premises.


    We follow our system-wide code of conduct closely. William’s Avenue has 3 overall rules to be followed by staff and students: Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect Property. Specific classroom behavior rules are set by grade level teachers. The rules and the consequences of violating these rules are discussed initially with the students.  Disciplinary action is taken by the individual teacher. Reoccurring violations will be handled by the principal.  Behavior that causes disruption in the classroom and in the student’s own education will be reported to the parents.  Disciplinary actions are recorded and kept on file with the teacher and the principal.