Parent Involvement Night Live Q&A Recording

  • Q: What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

    A: The parent portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that parents can log in to and see all of their children in one place, their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, and school bulletins for each school your children attend. If you have one student in middle school and one in Little Ridge, parents will see information for both the middle school and Little Ridge.

  • Q: What is the PowerSchool Student Portal?

    A: The student portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that students can log in to and see their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, school bulletin, and more.

  • Q: How do I find PowerSchool for Parents URL?

    A: Each school or district has their own parent portal. Fort Payne City's unique link is:

  • Q: How do I find PowerSchool for Students URL?

    A: Each school or district has their own student portal. Fort Payne City's unique link is:

  • Q: How do I create my Parent account in PowerSchool?

    A: The following instructions were sent home with your child to help you set up your Parent account in PowerSchool. Please contact the school for this confidential information if needed.

    The administration and staff at Little Ridge Intermediate School are excited to announce that we are at the point where we can provide you and your child with access to current grades and attendance on PowerSchool. To access this information you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Open the internet browser on your device.

    2. Type into the address bar.

    3. Click the Create Account tab, then click Create Account.

    4. Create your parent account by filling in the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Desired Username, and Password (pay attention to the password requirements shown on the screen).

    5. To link your student(s) to your account, type your child's first and last name in the Student Name blank and enter the Access ID and Access Password exactly as they are printed below (both are case sensitive). Choose the correct Relationship from the dropdown menu provided. If you have multiple children enrolled at Fort Payne City Schools, continue to add them on this screen.

    6. When all the information is complete, click Enter.

    7. You will be sent an email that you will need to verify before continuing. Check your email and click on the link provided to verify your account. This message may be sent to your junk email.

    8. Once you have verified your account, return to and use your parent Username and Password to Sign In. The Grades and Attendance tab will allow you to check assignments and scores by clicking on the blue percentage across from a class.

    9. Remember to log off when you are finished.

    Access ID is: (contact the school if needed)

    Access Password is: (contact the school if needed)

    Either you or your child may track academic progress from any location that has internet access. Please keep your passwords confidential so only you can access the information.

    If you have any questions regarding the use of PowerSchool please contact the school office at (256) 845-7706.

  • Q: How do I log into PowerSchool? How can I find my account information?

    A: Parent Portal letters were sent home with students with access information and instructions. Contact your school or district for this information if needed. Each school will verify your identity before giving you an account to help protect student data and privacy. From there, you can log in to your school or district’s respective portal.

    You will need to get the following information from your school or district:

    To log in for the first time:

    1. Access the Parent or Student Portal. Each school or district has a unique link for parents and students to access their portals. Fort Payne City's unique link is:
    2. Create an Account. Once in the Parent or Student Portal, you will need to create an account. Be sure to store your username and password in a secure manner.
    3. Add your students. Use the Access ID for each of your students to link them to your account.

    Once you have created an account:

    1. Visit the Parent or Student Portal
    2. Enter your username and password

    Note: Registration must be done via the school/district web portal.

  • Q: How do I reset my password?

    A: Students should contact their school to reset their password. Parents can reset their password through the website as long as the district has enabled this feature. If you encounter any difficulties with the following instructions, please reach out to your school or district for further assistance.

    To reset passwords from your school’s web portal:

    1. Click the link Forgot Username or Password
    2. Enter the username and email address for your account, then click Enter
    3. You should receive the email as an email from your school. If you aren’t seeing the email, check your Junk or Spam folder
    4. Click on the password reset link in the email you receive.
    5. Enter a new password
    6. Log in to the website to verify the password has been successfully reset and is working
    7. Log in to the app

  • Q: How can I add a second student to my parent account?

    A: If you have more than one student attending the same school, or if you were advised to use the same District Code or web address, you can add these students to your account through the web portal when you first set up your account. If you need to add additional students to your account at a later time, follow the steps listed below.

    To add a student via the web portal:

    1. After signing in to the web portal, click Account Preferences on the left menu
    2. Under Account Preferences, click on the Students tab
    3. Now click on the Add + button and follow the necessary steps

    If your students are accessed through different District Codes or websites, you will need to sign out and then back in to view each student, as the District Code is a part of your credentials and assists the app in determining which server to reach out to when verifying your username and password.

  • Q: How can I change the email address for my parent account?

    A: This can be changed through your school’s web portal.

    1. After signing in to the web portal, click Account Preferences on the left menu
    2. Select the Profile tab
    3. Change email entered on this page and click Submit

    Note: Your district may have disabled the setup screen. If so, please contact your school administrator directly.

  • Q: When I try to look at a particular feature, such as GPA, I’m seeing a message stating the feature is “disabled.” How can I fix this?

    A: Features such as GPA, assignment grades, and schedule are configured on a school-by-school basis by your school district’s PowerSchool administrators.

    If you believe a feature may have been disabled or left disabled unintentionally, reach out to your district and let them know. Your school district’s PowerSchool administrators can contact support directly if further assistance is needed to make changes.

  • Q: What is the PowerSchool Mobile App and how do I download it?

    A: The PowerSchool Mobile App gives parents and students instant access to information they need to stay up-to-date on student grades, performance, and attendance.

    • Receive real-time push notifications with updates about grades, scores, attendance, assignments, teacher comments, daily bulletins, schedules, and fee transactions
    • Access all of your children in one portal
    • View grades, assignments, attendance, GPA, and more
    • View announcements from schools
    • Designed for iPhones/iOS, tablets, and Google/Android devices

    Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.


  • Q: How do I use the PowerSchool Mobile App?

    A: Watch our quick video on how to use the PowerSchool app. Find out how to check grades, add students, and more.


  • Q: How can I find my District Code?

    A: FPCS District Code: KJDW

    The District Code can be found by signing in to your school’s web portal. When you sign in, the District Code should be visible in the black box located in the lower left-hand corner. You can also use the app to determine the District Code.

    To use app to determine the District Code:

    1. Tap Where is my district code? just below the District Code entry boxes
    2. Tap Search for Your District at the bottom of the screen
    3. Enter your school’s URL into the third box
    4. Tap Submit

  • Q: When I try to sign in on the app I’m getting the error “Invalid Username or Password.” How can I resolve this?

    A: First, log into your school’s website. While you are there, double-check the district code.

    If you are able to log into the website, but not the app, this may be due to a capitalization error. The website is not case sensitive in the username field, but the app is. If your school supports resetting your password via the website, you can check your username in a similar fashion. You can also check with your school to determine the correct capitalization.

    To request your exact username:

    1. Navigate to your school’s web portal
    2. Click the link Forgot Username or Password?
    3. Click on the Forgot Username? tab
    4. Enter email address, and click Enter
    5. You should receive an email from your school with the correct capitalization of your username.

    If you have verified the capitalization and can sign in via the website, send us an email at, noting the steps you have taken so far.