Spelling Information

  • Third and fourth-grade approach spelling based on our grade level standards and researched based best practices. Due to this fact, we will not send home a list of 15-20+ words to memorize. Instead, our spelling is aligned with our daily phonics instruction. There is not a list of words that 3rd or 4th-graders should know how to spell by the time they leave our school. There is a phonics progression that maps out the expectations of understanding various patterns within both grades.


    An example would be:

                                      long a can be spelled a_e, a, (and in the final position) ay 

                                                                             Cake, bacon, tray


    We want our students to leave us better understanding these spelling patterns versus memorizing words so they can apply these patterns to new words in the future. To accomplish this, we are sending home 5-6 words a week for you to study with your child the spelling pattern. On Friday, we will administer a phonics/spelling assessment that includes these 5-6 words, plus 5-6 additional words that match the spelling pattern. The 5-6 words that are sent home are worth 15 points per word. The 5-6 unknown words are worth 5 points per word. This will allow us to determine who understands the skill and who will need additional support during reading the following week. Thank you for your support as we continue to meet every learners’ needs. Any irregular spelling pattern weeks will receive a full list to memorize. An example of this would be irregular spellings for plural words (goose= geese, mouse = mice, etc).