• September 2021- Rafael Cruz Jr.

    Name: Rafael Cruz Jr.

    Year Graduated from FPHS: 2010

    College(s) Attended: Northeast Alabama Community College

    Where did you graduate? Year? NACC May 2013

    Degrees? Associates in Applied Science Criminal Justice

    Current Occupation and Job Title? Patrol Sergeant at Fort Payne Police Department

    How is something you learned at FPHS helped you in your career or life journey? 

    FPHS is a great school system with faculty and teachers that want to see their students strive and succeed. 

    What was your favorite high school class at FPHS? American History with Coach Copeland

    Who was your favorite teacher at FPHS and why? Coach Copeland, he was really energetic and vocal which helped the fact that everyone in class would pay attention. I was able to retain a lot of the material from his American History class. 

    What advice would you give to current high school students about education and pursuing their future careers? Don't let anyone discourage you from following your dreams in your career path. Enjoy every moment while pursuing your career. You may think high school classes may be irrelevant to your career choice but its part of learning to be responsible. 

    Rafael Cruz Jr.