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    Code of Conduct

     Fort Payne City Board of Education
    “Providing child-centered learning so every student may pursue any dream”

    Purpose of Booklet

    The purpose of this booklet is to inform students and parents of some of their basic rights, as well as the responsibilities that go along with these rights.  The rights and responsibilities in no way diminish the legal authority of school officials and the Board of Education. No student has the right to interfere with the education of a fellow student.  Students have the responsibility to respect the rights of all persons involved in the educational process and to exercise the highest degree of self-discipline in observing and adhering to legitimate rules and regulations.  Responsibility is inherent in the exercise of every right. This booklet includes related FPCS Policies and Procedures. The complete “Fort Payne City Schools Board of Education Policy Manual” can be viewed on the school website under the Public Information section.

    Welcome from the Superintendent

    On behalf of the Fort Payne City Board of Education, I would like to welcome you to the Fort Payne City School System.
    Our goal is to provide all of our students the opportunity to obtain a quality education. A positive attitude by all parties involved will go a long way in helping meet this goal. Our Code of Conduct contains a uniform set of policies for all of our students to follow.
    It is extremely important that all persons connected with the education process understand the importance of a consistent set of behavior standards and policies. This will assist us in establishing and maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning. Creating such an environment requires the cooperation of the students, parents/guardians, employees of the system and the board of education.
    Please take the time to review this Code of Conduct. By adhering to the rules and regulations contained within, we believe that students will display appropriate behavior which will guide their decision making as they mature and become quality citizens. We also believe that enforcing our Code of Conduct will assist us as we strive to provide safe and rewarding environments in which our students can be educated and nurtured during these formative years.

    Jim Cunningham
    Fort Payne City Schools

Last Modified on October 21, 2020