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    Welcome to Fort Payne City Schools nestled at the foot of Lookout Mountain. Brian Jett is the FPCS Superintendent and the school system is comprised of 5 separate school locations:

    • Williams Avenue Elementary (Pre-K and Select FPHS vocational classes)
    • Wills Valley Elementary (K-2nd)
    • Williams Avenue Elementary (3rd - 4th)
    • Fort Payne Middle School (5th - 8th)
    • Fort Payne High School (9th - 12th)

    Our goal is to provide all of our students with the opportunity to obtain a quality education. A positive attitude by all parties involved will go a long way in helping meet this goal. Our Code of Conduct contains a uniform set of policies for all of our students to follow.

    Technology is a prominent feature used during instruction and consists of interactive white boards in every classroom, campus-wide Wi-Fi, 1:1 devices for all students (iPads/Chromebooks), and many instructional apps and online tools. 

    FPCS receives Title I funding and serves a student population of approximately 3,300 in a small community population of 14,000. Information about enrollment into this school system can be found at this link.

    The governing body of Fort Payne City Schools is the Fort Payne City Board of Education, made up of five members appointed in a staggered fashion by the Fort Payne City Council. The Board members are active members of the community, some currently with children in the schools, former teachers and local business owners. The Fort Payne City School System establishes policies and procedures consistent with current federal and state laws, regulations, codes, mandates and best practices. The Fort Payne City School Board is the hierarchy of policy establishment influenced by effective communication of stakeholders. The Board understands its role as the governing body, leaving the day- to-day operations of the schools and district to the superintendent and district and school leaders. The Executive Summary committee is satisfied that the administration is working to see that students, teachers, support staff, and other stakeholders are provided the best possible environment available for academic, professional and personal growth. System leaders are involved in day-to-day functions of schools providing on-going collaboration to help meet the identified needs of schools and students.

     District Office Hours 8-4