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PLAN 2020

In Alabama, accountability will be based on the proposed Alabama State Board of Education PLAN 2020.  The mission of PLAN 2020 is "Every Child a Graduate-Every Graduate Prepared for College, Work, and Adulthood in the 21st Century."  The four components of PLAN 2020 are:
  • Alabama's 2020 Learners
  • Alabama's 2020 Support Systems
  • Alabama's 2020 Professionals
  • Alabama's 2020 Schools and School Systems
Phase I Data Elements:
Achievement- measured by annual measurable objectives for related assessments with respect to reading and math proficiency.
Gap-measured by comparing the gap between all students' proficiency scores in reading and math versus subgroups' proficiency scores in reading and math.  The subgroups are identified as any black, Hispanic, ELL, poverty, or SPED population with a member total of 20 or more, scoring below the all students' proficiency rate.
Graduation Rate- measured by four year and five year cohort rates.
Attendance- measured at any school without a grade twelve.  The attendance rate is computed by taking the pupil days minus the absentee days divided by the pupil days.  The goal is to maintain an attendance rate above 95%.