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Our System is an "A"!

We are proud to announce that the Fort Payne City School district received an "A" on the state report card! This is a testament to the hard work of our teachers, staff, support, and administrators.

In 2018, we received an 85/B on the system report card. The next year, it rose to an 89/B. Our goal for the 2020 report card was to have an A, however, due to COVID-19, that did not materialize. Now, we are incredibly proud that we have achieved the goal of 90/A! What makes this goal even more remarkable is that out of the 139 school districts in Alabama, only 24 earned an "A," according to

We are thankful to have an "A" as a school system, and we will continue to strive for excellence for our students, parents, and community.

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