Out of District Enrollment Information

  • Pupils who do not reside within the corporate limits of the City of Fort Payne may apply for enrollment in the Fort Payne City School District. All inter-district transfers will be conducted in a non-discriminatory manner.  Out of district students may submit an application only between May 1 and June 15.  Applications must be submitted at the school that the student wishes to attend.  Applications must be hand delivered; they will not be accepted by mail, email or fax.   Kindergarten students will be registered on Kindergarten Registration Day.  All applicants will receive written notification of the approval or denial of the application after June 15.  Applicants will be notified of their status no later than five days before the start of school. There is not a tuition charge. 

    All out-of-district applicants who are permitted to attend the Fort Payne City Schools shall complete a school registration form. The review process will not be delayed by failure to submit supporting documentation.   Applications for out-of-district enrollment shall be considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  In situations in which space is limited, priority will be given to a student who: 

    1. Has a sibling enrolled at the requested school
    2. Was enrolled in the Fort Payne City School the previous year

    More information is available in the documents below:

    Out of District Final Policy

    2019 Out of District Enrollment Application

    2019 Out of District Enrollment Procedure Parent announcement

    Parent Questions for Out of District Enrollment