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    Fort Payne City Board Policy requires that all out of district students apply annually for enrollment in the school system.  This includes out-of district students who attended Fort Payne City Schools during the 2019-2020school year.  Only full-time district employees’ children are waived from this requirement.

    Open enrollment applications will be accepted at all Fort Payne City Schools between May 1, 2020 and June 15, 2020. The form may be downloaded from the district website at



    Once completed, the form should be emailed to the correct school contact listed below.

    Fort Payne High School (grades 9-12): bjett@fpcsk12.com

    Fort Payne Middle School (Grades 5-8): dwilbanks@fpcsk12.com

    Williams Avenue Elementary School (Grades 3-4): jboatwright@fpcsk12.com

    Wills Valley Elementary School (Grades PreK-2): rboatwright@fpcsk12.com


    Students who attended a Fort Payne City School last year will be contacted via the school to complete their application and they not have to provide supporting documentation to include attendance, discipline reportsand report cards.  

    All students who attended a school other than Fort Payne City Schools must have all required supporting documentation.  The review process will not be delayed by failure to submit supporting documentation.  The applications will be acted upon on a “first come first serve” basis.  The applications will be processed based on the Fort Payne City School District projected enrollment figures and board approved staffing levels for the 2020-2021 school year.


    In situations in which space is limited, priority will be given to a student who: 

    1. Has a sibling enrolled at the requested school

    2. Was enrolled in the Fort Payne City School the previous year

    Factors which cause an out-of-district enrollment to be denied include:

    1. A school, grade or program(s) has a lack of available space, staff or support services, taking in-district enrollment projections into consideration;
    2. The school requested does not offer appropriate programs, is not structured or equipped with the necessary facilities to meet the needs of the student, or does not offer a particular program requested;
    3. The student does not meet the eligibility criteria for participation in a particular program including age requirements, course prerequisites, and required levels of academic performance;
    4. The student has been suspended or expelled from school, or is in the process of being expelled;
    5. The student has withdrawn from a school to avoid possible suspension or expulsion;
    6. The student has a history of documented disciplinary infractions within the past three (3) years;
    7. The student has been adjudicated or convicted of a crime; or is affiliated with  gang activity:
    8. The student has a record of excessive absences or truancy from school; or
    9. Information on the enrollment application was misrepresented or incomplete.
    10. The Fort Payne City School District shall not consent to any transfers where the cumulative effect will reduce desegregation in the District.


    All out-of-district students MUST reapply annually.   At no time will an out-of-district student displace a FPCS resident student.  

    More information is available in the documents above.