• Step 1Who must complete this form? 

    Students who will be attending a FPCS school for the first time and not starting until August for the next school year. This includes students who have recently moved into the district or who previously attended a private or home school. 

  • Step 2How do I enroll? 

    • Create or log into an existing account on the PowerSchool Enrollment portal by clicking below:
    • Gather required documentation
  • Step 3What information/documents are required? 

    1. Contact information for emergency contact(s)
    2. Alabama Certificate of Immunization or Exemption (View Immunization Policy)
    3. Custodial Parent’s Photo Identification
    4. Two Valid Residency Documents (View Acceptable Documents)
    5. Previous school information, when applicable
    6. Insurance information, when applicable
    7. Age Verification Documentation, such as Birth Certificate or Passport/VISA, when necessary
    8. Updated Custody Documentation, when applicable