Reading Overview

  • Eighth grade regular reading classes focus on the importance of becoming strong, independent readers.  We use the Pearson Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Text, but frequently supplement with novels and other complex texts. 


    Eighth grade advanced classes-

    Summer Reading – required books – The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton; The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen

    Accelerated Reader - This is an incentives-based program! Prizes are awarded as students earn AR points. Students will be required to read a minimum of one book each nine weeks.  They will complete a short in-class project about the book at the end of the nine weeks.  Students will be given time to read in class each day.  Prizes are awarded as students earn AR points.  This is a fun competition!

    We frequently use Scope Magazine in class.

    Eighth graders will finish the year with a research paper to prepare them for their advanced classes at FPHS. This is an in-depth project where students will learn many aspects of the research process, technology available to aid in research, and piecing together a final research-based paper using both in-text and end-text citations.



  • Major grades such as tests, projects, and quizzes make up 70% of the overall score.

    Minor grades such as daily assignments and warm ups make up 30% of the overall score.