Eureka Math Program

  • Our current math program is Eureka Math. Eureka Math is designed to build mathematical understanding in a logical sequence from kindergarten through the upper grades. In order to ensure our students are college and career ready, we must prepare them to be thinkers and problem solvers and truly understand math. Students need to know more than just the process for solving problems. They need to understand WHY the process works. Building multiple strategies and deep understanding of numbers help students become great problem solvers.


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AMSTI Training

  • We are an AMSTI school. Our teachers have received AMSTI and OGAP professional development training from AMSTI Elementary Math Specialists. AMSTI and OGAP tools and practices are integrated into daily instruction to enhance student learning and understanding. 


    What is OGAP?

    OGAP is an On-Going Assessment Project. It is a set of tools and practices used to enhance instruction.


    What is AMSTI?

    AMSTI is the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative. The mission of AMSTI is to provide all students with the knowledge and skills needed for success.


  • Major grades are worth 50% of the overall score.

    Minor grades are worth 50% of the overall score.