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Thursday 5/12/22 Announcements

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Thursday, May 12th, 2022

*Tomorrow, you will go to 1st period for attendance, then we will announce to go to second period for your test.

*There will be a XC meeting on Wednesday, May 18th during 8th period for those who signed up for next season.  If you have any questions please see Coach Jackson.

*Seniors, make sure you complete an order for your official transcript to be sent to the college you are attending. You do this on Parchment. See a guidance counselor for help. If you have dual enrollment credit, you must send one to Northeast so those credits can transfer.

*Senior Final Exams will be Thursday,  May 12th and Friday, May 13th. We will have double periods for all classes these days just like we did in December.

EXEMPTIONS : Seniors who have an A or B average in the F1 column of PowerSchool for English, History, Math, Science, or Foreign Language may choose to EXEMPT that test and take the grade as it stands. This also applies to seniors taking non-senior level courses (like if a senior is in English 11 as well as English 12). These teachers will also give exams to seniors on the 12th and 13th even though the rest of the class will test the last days of school.


*THURSDAY, May 12th, 2022—Seniors will take semester exams in ODD period classes and will NOT attend even period classes. Underclassmen will have other assignments and will NOT take exams on these days.

1st - 7:45 - 9:23

3rd - 9:27 - 11:05

5th - 11:09 - 1:30 (follow regular lunch schedule)

7th - 1:34 - 3:12

*FRIDAY, May 13th, 2022—Seniors will take semester exams in EVEN period classes and will not attend odd period except for 1st period attendance. Underclassmen will have other assignments and will NOT take exams on these days.

1st - 7:45 - 7:55 for attendance and announcements

2nd - 8:00 - 9:23

4th - 9:27 - 11:05

6th - 11:09 - 1:30 - All lunch will be grab and go  

*Any student who has medication with the nurse, this must be picked up by a parent by the end of the school year, May 26th. Or the medication will be destroyed.

*Boys Soccer tryout times are listed on the office counter. Check for your tryout time.

*Help JROTC support the Wills Valley’s teachers by donating school supplies. There are flyers around the school of supplies needed. Please drop donations off in the JROTC classroom by May 18th.

* Baseball tryouts are May 12th & May 13th at 3:15 – 5:00pm. See Coach Varnadore to sign up.

*Seniors, please stop by the guidance office this week to check that your diploma endorsements are correctly recorded.

*Students, if you have not put the PowerSchool app on your phone, you need to do that. You have directions in your email this morning. This app can send you a notification every time a Teacher enters a new grade for you. Remember that PowerSchool is where your official grades are, so if you notice a difference between that and Schoology, you need to tell your Teacher right away.

*Reminder Students, you must come to the office to check in or check out. If you are late, you must check into the office, Do not just go to class. Also, Do not leave campus without signing out in the office, if you have a parent note to check out.

*All attendance notes need to be turned in to the office first thing in the morning. If you have been absent, you must bring your note to the front office or email notes to Mrs. Vezertzis at  Check out notes must be turned into the front office by 10:00am. After 10:00am they will not be accepted. There are students who have already used up their 3rd nine weeks parent notes. You are allowed 3 parent notes per 9 weeks. You will receive a zero for any grade taken during an unexcused absence.