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There are many factors for families of virtual students to consider when deciding to return to campus. Returning may not be the best option for your student’s academic standing.


-For on-campus classes that you are able to transfer into, your virtual grade will come with you.

-All classes that you are taking virtually may NOT fit into your traditional schedule when you come back to campus.

- If a class that you are taking does not fit into your on-campus schedule, you may lose the grades you have earned for the work you have done and have to start that class over from the beginning after Christmas. This would NOT apply to 9th or 10th grade English or math classes that are all year long.

-You may have to start in the middle of an elective class that you will NOT get credit for because you are only taking a portion of the class. FPHS does not grant half credits for those classes. These changes may result in a loss of credits needed to graduate on time.


Please contact an FPHS counselor to see how returning to campus will impact YOUR schedule and credits. This will not be the same for everyone, so individual consultations are required.

Call FPHS at 256-845-0535 and ask for Kala Kirby, Amanda Varnadore, or Tammy Newman to find out the impact returning to campus will have on your child’s schedule.


After reading the information above, please complete this Virtual Learning Continuation Form.