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Pre-K recommendations of items that your student will need: 

  1. Backpack (big enough for a folder)
  2. Set of extra clothes to leave inside their backpack
  3. Pillow for nap time (very small, maximum 12” length x 6” wide)
  4. Velcro Tennis Shoes for PE (left at school if they wear open-toed shoes to school)
  5. Over the ear headphones (no earbuds)
  6. A current family photo (4 X 6)

School Start Information:

  • July 15th, Friday:  Teacher Lists are released.
  • August 4th or 5th, Thursday and Friday:  Orientation with teacher. These are meetings with the teacher in the classroom. We will send out a schedule for you to pick a time.
  • August 8th, 9th, 10th, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday: We will do a staggered start.  We will have 6 students per classroom on each of those days. Your teacher will notify you of which day to attend.
  • August 11th & 12th Thursday & Friday:  We will have school with everyone in attendance.


If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Fort Payne Pre-K

Williams Ave School

Williams Ave 1700

Fort Payne, AL 35967