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Can Tabs for Kids


We will be collecting can tabs throughout the rest of the year for the Shriners Hopital for Children in Greenville, South Carolina.  Please turn them in to Nurse Fleming and she will make sure they get to Greenville to help in taking care of these precious children.

Shriners Hospitals for Children have been collecting pull-tabs from beverage cans for more than 25 years!


What is the can tab program?

Pull-tabs are saved and donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children – Greenville. The hospital sells the tabs to a recycling company and the proceeds are used for various programs that directly benefit patients.


Why collect the pull-tabs and not the entire can?

It is aluminum that has recycle value and the tab is the only pure aluminum part of the can.


How are the tabs recycled?

There are approximately 1200-1400 tabs in one pound. After sorting to remove foreign materials the tabs are taken to a recycler, weighed, and sold.




Collecting can tabs is easy! Plastic containers, such as jugs, bowls, or soda bottles work great for collecting and makes it easier to transport.