WAES Digital Citizenship Curriculum


    It is the vision of Williams Avenue Elementary School to promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility in our evolving digital culture and produce students who can connect, collaborate, and communicate digitally in a safe, respectful and responsible way.

    The digital citizenship curriculum at WAES involves year-round education on those skills needed to be responsible, literate, and safe citizens in the online community. Age-appropriate lessons using Common Sense Media tools are used. Go to this link to view the complete WAES Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

    As part of the curriculum, pre- and post testing are administered, monthly lessons are delivered in the classroom using Common Sense Media tools and Nearpod, and reinforcement of the 8 themes are continual throughout the school year. The framework of this curriculum is illustrated in the image below with the 8 themes noted:

    The FPCS Digital Citizenship Framework along with the 8 Themes is illustrated in this image:

    Frameork Map of Digital Citizenship Curriculum


    List of the 8 Themes:

    Digital Footprint & Reputation

    Self-Image and Identity

    Creative Credit & Copyright

    Information Literacy


    Relationships & Communication

    Internet Safety

    Privacy & Security





    Resource Links: ISTE Standards - ISTE Standards, CommonSense Media Curriculum - link, and Parent Concerns Resources